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During 10 years of operation, the company has created HVT yourself a reputable brand in the field of powder coating, gradually affirmed its position as one of the leading companies in powder coating services Water quality in Vietnam.

Line is designed to run under the latest technology of Japan, with a total length of 208m closed tunnel dried before painting the 60m long strip of heat from 0oC to 1500oC, 4 rooms painted uninterrupted (5m x 2.6m ), tunnel drying out nine automatically 120m, from 0oC to 300oC temperature range.

With a team of engineers, young dynamic and experienced depth, imported raw materials ... to meet all rigorous requirements for high quality products, the Powder coating  is the same material as , aluminum, stainless steel ...

Traditional customers of the company during the past 10 years such as corporations glass and ceramics building Viglacera, Selta company, the company Fico Saigon, Nam Dinh JoDo company ... 

HVT has continuously improve the quality of innovation, new investment has a water transfer line In a completely new technology in Vietnam, specializing In still wood, stone, cultural decoration for categories ... surface complex with R transformation, convex and concave, can be applied to many different media: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, rubber, leather, glass timber and apply three-dimensional space.

Quality products for the high art such as interior automotive, picture frames, decorative detail fashion.



The stages of painting the electricity and water Step 1: Treat the surface before painting Products (metal) before electrostatic paint are surface treated. Usually the produc...
Due to the need to expand production, H.V.T. continuously recruited skilled workers to paint water Job description - Processing water-based paint on aluminum co ... Benefit ...
H.V.T. Company is pleased to announce After the production pause, in August 2017, we completed the construction of the new plant at: Xuan Lam Industrial Zone - Thuan Thanh - Bac ...
Electrostatic paint products can meet the demand in many areas with high durability and aesthetics, especially for civil items, interior decoration, equipment and tools in educatio...
Video shows How to do Water Transfer Printing...

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